Declan Finn talks about St. Tommy!

The St. Tommy series is a joy to edit. It is fun, action-filled, hard hitting, and just all around an enjoyable read. And it’s:  Not Your Parents’ Christian Fantasy!

The #1 Amazon Bestseller from three time Dragon Award nominee Declan Finn!

Here is what the author has to say about the series:

“You know, you should talk about your books more”

…Oh really?

Okay, fine then, let’s talk a little bit about my books.

Since this is the most recent, I’ll start with Saint Tommy NYPD, which is both Action Horror and Christian Fantasy).

Also for the Catholic crowd

The premise started in college. In Fall of 2001, I took a course that discussed saints and mystics.

It also discussed charisms–smelling evil, bilocation, levitation.

Quick, get St. Joe Cupertino a cape with a big red S on it, and call it a day…

But as soon as I heard “smelling evil,” I knew that when I weaponized charisms in fiction, the hero had to be a cop.

And I knew immediately that he had to have an adversary to match.

A possessed serial killer.

Where’d the name come from?

In 1997, a used car dealer tried to schmooze my father with cops he knew. My father made up a name. The dealer said “I know him.”

It was “Tommy Nolan.”

So the name stuck with me for a while.

When Silver Empire needed a new IP, I had book 1.

I didn’t mean for politics to enter into Saint Tommy.

But I needed roadblocks.

I needed higher interference.

Isn’t that how noir pulp detectives did it?

The profile I had built in my head pointed to our psycho as part of a protected political class.


It just spiraled.

My wife (a convert) suggested a cult for book 2, Death Cult.

Knowing who the bad guy was in 2, I suddenly had a different ending to Hell Spawn…. AND #3, which I hadn’t named just yet.

Let’s say having an outline didn’t limit me much

By the time of Infernal Affairs, well… I knew who the villain was. I didn’t have to figure it out.

Hey, I know, let’s have our hero run a gauntlet of everyone trying to kill him.

That’ll work.

And ooh, can we use a balrog drone! Cool.

For the next, I knew Tommy had to get out of town.

Thankfully, the NYPD has a foreign intelligence service. If the CIA won’t stop 9-11, the NYPD will.

City of Shadows (#4)

But I needed this to be scarier. Back to horror.

Living Shadows! That’ll do it!

When it came time for Crusader (#5), again, I didn’t expect the next spiral.

Somehow, a villain from #4 was working on the continent on another plan.

He’d summoned a succubus under a compulsion to run the operation

Damn, he was a productive jihadi.

And for Deus Vult (#6), it was going to be The Last Book. For certain. Honest.


As I wrote it, it spiraled again.


Writers, huh?

When Deus Vult didn’t end the way I thought it would, the series had to keep going.

Hence: Coven (#7). I had planned four books where witches would feature. They were damn well going to feature HERE.

Sigh. Not quite. I had too many bad guys already.

Though I did manage to jam the witches into a short story, available through the Silver Empire newsletter.

It’s like the Most Dangerous Game, only with witchcraft.

It was called Lupus Dei (Short Story)

I’m on book #11 now. #12 will be the grand finale.

Time to go out with a bang.


Stay tuned for more on St. Tommy next week!

See St. Tommy on Amazon.

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  1. This not-Catholic us big fan. There’s something about an innocent, whole-hearted enthusiasm for Mother Kirke at her finest that’s appealing.

  2. It is such a fun series.

    For some reason, Google flagged the email with your comment with a huge red box announcing “This Message Seems Dangerous.”

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