A Poll, a Poll, a Veritable Poll!

We held an informal poll among the Superversive authors, and these are the two dozen choices for the title to our new column on writing, speculative fiction, fandom, friends, and family.

Please tell us your favorites. (Responses will be correlated with responses to this poll posted elsewhere. The suggestion Superverting Expectations also received votes, but it does not fit the theme of this column. We may use it for another column.

Everyday Magic

Slice of Light

Peanut Butter and Lembas

Sharing the Wonder

Writing in Real Life

Small, Familiar Magics

Faith, Flag, and Fandom!

Further Up and Further In

Home World

Seen and Unseen

Still Life With Unicorns

Excelsior — Onwards and Upwards.



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  1. If you can borrow from another author, Holding Wonder. (Zenna Henderson had a collection of short stories by that name – she was nominated for a Hugo and is slammed for stereotypical gender roles. A good collection. She was a teacher. Influenced Bujold, Orson Scott Card, and others.
    Was influenced by Heinlein, Bradbury, Clement, and Asimov))

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