Name Our Column! — Two New Columns Coming to Superversive SF

Hello, All!

It has been some time since we have had regular posts on this site, but, God willing, that is all about to change!

In the coming months, we hope to have more posts about Superversive Matters, but we also hope to unveil two new regular columns. I will announce the second column separately, but, before we can begin, the first column needs a name!

The column is to be stories, observations, and insights about the meeting of life and our genres—writing with children; writing with cats (a whole subject in itself!); sharing your favorite books, shows, and movies with offspring, parents, friends; and other stories of the intersection of reality and fantasy (or science fiction.)

The purpose is to share light and fun stories, as well as poignant or bittersweet ones, about our life and experience as readers and writers of science fiction and fantasy—stories that remind us of our shared experience as human beings as well as our joy in the wonder of our wonderful genre.


The column lacks a name.

Names have been suggested, but none seem to fit:

     Moms Who Write – too narrow
     Fandom and Family – a bit flat
     Geek Life – fits, but not really what we are looking for
     In the Wild – not quite clear enough.

So we are calling upon you, our readers, to suggest names. What should we call our new column?

Let us know. We will vote on the suggestions, and the favorite will name the new column!


Let me close with a tiny example of the kind post we are hoping this column will contain:

Some years ago, when my eldest son was four, we introduced him to the musical piece: Peter and the Wolf.

For those not familiar with Peter and the Wolf, it is a work of music for children, written by Sergei Prokofiev. The story, played with music, follows the adventure of a young boy named Peter who lives in a place where hunters are tracking a dangerous wolf. In the work, the theme for each character is played by a different instrument.

One might object that a story about Peter and the Wolf is out of place here, because it is merely an ordinary story, not a genre story; however, but it includes incredulous events such as a duck that has been eaten by a wolf being rescued from the wolf’s stomach alive, so it at least leans close to the world of fantasy.

As we listened to the piece, we explained to my son how the cat was played by the clarinet, and the wolf was played by the French horns, the hunters by the woodwinds and trumpet, and the bird by the flute.

“What am I played by?” asked my little son, Orville.

An intriguing question! We discussed this. At the time, Orville took a music class from my friend Li Ping. Li Ping had kindly given Orville one of the plastic Easter eggs filled with rise that were shaken as a rhythm instrument during the class. We referred to this little instrument as a Shaky Egg.
Orville decided that the Shaky Egg might be a good instrument to represent him, should he ever appear in Peter and the Wolf.

The next day, at the playground across the street, we discovered a new boy had come to the neighborhood.

The new boy, also about four years old, stepped forward and introduced himself to my son.

You can imagine my mortification and amusement at the confused look on the face of the lad’s mother, when my son responded to the new little boy’s introduction by declaring:

“Hi, I’m Orville Wright. I’m played by the Shaky Egg.”


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  1. Hi, I’m Orville Wright. I’m played by the Shaky Egg.”

    Which ties very neaty into One Piece the anime, and the musical snippets that represent each character during the commercial break. And what kinds of music to play during gaming sessions, and whether you’ve ever written songs for your characters (yes).

    So very much a Superversive post!

    But we want names…

    1. Further up and Further In
    2. Of kits, and tales, and sealing wax
    3. Small, familiar magics.


  2. Ah, the leitmotif. A time-honored and great way to highlight the characters’ personalities and announce their arrival. Used in everything from Opera (probably even earlier than that to be honest) to the Star Wars OT soundtrack by John Williams.

    Cute story!

    Name suggestions:
    Writing with Kids and Pets
    Families and Fantasy
    Fantastic Families
    Animals, Rational Animals, and Anecdotes
    Kids and Tales and Family Fails
    Why yes, you can have a family and write

  3. How about:

    Imitating Art (I.e., life!)
    Slice of Light
    Folk Charms (inspired by Codex, above)
    Everyday Magic (also nod to Codex)
    Dork-Life Balance (if you like a certain vein of self-deprecating humour)
    Dreams of the Everyday Housegeek (though even the anti-Woke may not like that song)
    Wainscot Wonders
    Un Mun Dane (little jab at China Mieville there)
    Unmonday (to supervert the worst day of the weekly grind)

    To paraphrase Marx (Groucho, that is): “These are my ideas; if you don’t like them, I have others.”

  4. Some of these are very nice…or very funny.

    I also like Sharing the Wonder, which was suggested by a friend.

  5. I love “His Snark Materials” as a title, however, it is probably too limiting for your columns. You should find a way to use it!

  6. As the “cool thing” to do these days with creative works is to “subvert expectations,” and as this column seems to have a focus on unexpected joys, I would suggest “Superverting Expectations.”

  7. The Wright Kind of Family
    The Wright Kind of Life
    A Wright Jolly Old Time
    6 Wrights and you’re there.
    (replace 6 with actual number of family members)
    The Lives and Times of The Earth Princesses and Virginian Fighting Men of the Wright Family

  8. I like “Dork-Life Balance” and “Further Up and Further In” from the choices above. But also “The Hearth-Log” as suggested* on the FB thread.

    *by me

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