New Combat Frame XSeed Novel Crowdfunding!

Fans of Combat Frame XSeed rejoice! There is another one on the way! Truly, there will be A Gundam For Us!

Now we can back the new novel on Indiegogo!

An unstoppable scourge lays siege to Earth 

Can humanity survive a world-destroying force that has never known defeat?

The Ynzu Siege nears its third bloody decade. Battered to the breaking point, the United Commonwealth-Protectorate recalls its combat frame carrier fleet for a last stand at Earth.

Lt. Dex Trapper must battle for his life when the Ynzu strike his remote extrasolar colony. Cut off from the UCP, Dex and his CF tech Thatch make a desperate break for help in a century-old XSeed.

Fans of J.N. Chaney’s Messenger series and Cole and Anspach’s Galaxy’s Edge will thrill to this new series in Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier’s XSeed saga! Back it now and take the ride before anyone else!

Back it today!

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