Don’t Give Money to People Who Hate You!

Over the last decade or so, fans of science fiction and fantasy have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having their favorite genre highjacked by forces eager to share ideas many of us object to. At first, we all thought the mature thing to do was cringe and ignore it. We would say to each other, “I can stomach X if it is a good story.” Then one day, we woke up, and suddenly the ratio is mainly X and much less story.

Author Brian Niemeier tackled this topic and, to his surprise, his book has shot to #1!

Everybody thinks Hollywood is political. Everybody’s wrong.

You know that the big movie studios, comic book companies, and video game publishers push an agenda. What you don’t know is that the corporations in control of your entertainment aren’t grifters or ideologues. They’re evangelists of a fanatical anti-religion.

Movie producers don’t ruin beloved film franchises for profit. Comic book writers don’t warp iconic superheroes into self-parodies to sway voters. They hate their audiences with zealous fervor. They want you demoralized, they want your kids propagandized, and they want you to pay for the privilege.

Nostalgia-fueled habit keeps many of these cultists’ victims coming back for more abuse. But you can escape the cycle. In this book, you’ll see how the corrupt entertainment industry hooks its customers, and you’ll gain the tools to reclaim your dignity from the Pop Cult.

Learn to stop paying people who hate you, take back your life, and have fun while you’re at it! Read on!

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