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For years, fans have been clamoring for David Sherman’s TO HELL AND REGROUP, the epic conclusion to his original series The 18TH Race. This book has been long delayed due to health concerns and issues with the past publisher of the series. After long last, and thanks to the help of author Keith R.A. DeCandido, we bring you the final installment of this hard-core military science fiction novel where humanity fights for its very existence. (For those new to the series, books 1 and 2, ISSUE IN DOUBT and IN ALL DIRECTIONS, are available through the add-on section or via specific pledge reward levels.)

In addition, we also present a brand-new series by veteran Star-Trek author Christopher L. Bennett. ARACHNE’S CRIME–the first book in a planned duology set in in a universe of the author’s original creation–sets out to explore deep space and ends up in a harrowing encounter with new races, in a twisted tale of blame and redemption where responsibility and motives are not as clear as they may seem.

Won’t you help us make these books a reality?

The primary goal for this campaign will fund the production of both books and the fulfillment of pledge rewards. The authors receive an equal share of 50% of the profits raised thereafter, with 50% invested in the press to meet promotional and operational needs.

If science fiction isn’t your thing, you can still help support us. You can pledge without choosing a reward level and claim a book you would like from our Add-Ons section below. There are plenty of fantasy and steampunk titles available, even a little bit of horror, if you’re into zombies! If no…perhaps you could help us out by spreading the word! Thank you.

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