Operation Vampire LIVES!

This book is one I love very much. I had the honor of editing it after I first read it, and it was rereleased by Superversive Press…days before they shut their doors.
Now, thanks to author Chris Kennedy and Blood Moon Press, it is back!

Mick Murphy’s an Irish half-elf from Manhattan. His best buddy, Dave, is a dwarf from Brooklyn. Along with a company of misfits, screwballs and, well, trolls from the pit, they’ll take on anything Austro-Hungaro-Roumania, or even Hell, cares to throw at them.

Assigned to King Company—the reconnaissance company—of the 134th Infantry Regiment in November of 1944, they’re the regimental reserve, the Colonel’s bodyguard, the military police, and general rock-straighteners. But once in a while, when the gremlins stop hexing their Jeeps, they go out and poke around to find out where the Enemy is and what he’s up to.

They’re very good at finding and dealing with all the vampires, werewolves, and sky demons the Enemy can throw at them. Unfortunately, though, behind them are the Big Boys, deep down in a pit of their own, and the War won’t end until G.I.s plant their boots on the Devil’s throne and kick him out.

Working their way up to this biggest of D-Days—the assault on Hell, itself—is going to tax the United States Army to its utmost…but the dogfaces on the Line are one step ahead of the brass, because they’re already halfway to Hell.

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