A Better Way to Buy Books!

The Silver Empire Book Club has gotten off to a great start! Look below to see how it works!

How does the Silver Empire Book Club work?

  • ​You select your plan, and your preferred book format – EBooks, Paperbacks, or Hardcovers
  • ​We give you enough credits every month ​for a new book in your format.
  • ​You get awesome new books to read!

What if I want a different format this month?

Your credits are completely interchangeable! Most books cost 1 credit for an ebook, 4 credits for a paperback, and 9 credits for a hardcover. Signed up for the hardcover plan, but you want to buy two paperbacks instead this month? No problem! On the ebook plan but you want a paperback instead? Just save 4 credits for it!

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