Frostborn Friday — on audio!

Jonathan Moeller’s acclaimed FROSTBORN series on audio!

The FROSTBORN saga continues in audio!

You can listen to FROSTBORN: THE HIGH LORDS, the 10th book of the FROSTBORN series, at AudibleAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon AU, and iTunes.

After losing his wife and his honor, Ridmark Arban the Gray Knight set out to stop the return of the malevolent Frostborn.

He failed.

Now, the gates of ruin have been thrown open, and the Frostborn and their armies threaten to overthrow the High Kingdom.

Only Ridmark stands in their way. Distrusted by his countrymen and broken by grief and loss, he will nonetheless show the Frostborn why the Gray Knight is the most feared warrior of the age…or die trying….


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