Music Monday: Professor Elemental

I’m not much of a rap guy– and neither am I much of a steampunk guy. But somehow, musician Paul Alborough manages to combine the two in his rap persona “Professor Elemental” in a way I find utterly charming. The Professor is equal parts rapper, explorer, and mad scientist, with songs occasionally descending into either Lovecraftian madness or just plain… madness. (“This is My Horse” spirals into insanity rather quickly.) Recurring narratives link may of his songs, ranging from a feud with Mr. B, another “Chap hop” artist, to time travel trousers and monkey butler.

The song that initially grabbed me was “Cup of Brown Joy,” an ode to tea that tea lovers everywhere should appreciate:

“The Attic” details a journey into a terrifying attic (gasp) that old Howard Philips would probably enjoy:

“The Inn at the End of Time” picks up the Professor’s search for Geoffrey, the monkey butler, who disappears with the Professor’s time travel trousers at the end of the album “Father of Invention”:

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