Facebook Bans Larry Correia

Krasnov - Larry Correia

Exhibit #4,837,997 in the mounting pile of evidence that we are ruled by inbred idiots: Facebook placed best selling author Larry Correia under  a 24-hour ban for hate speech against an imaginary country.

So I just got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for Violating Community Standards, because I insulted the imaginary people of an imaginary country.  Which is kinda hilarious.

Long version. About a year ago an author friend of mine was putting up snippets of his alternative history story, in which the fictional country (Neu Saxony) experienced a terrorist attack.  One guy thought it was real, and a whole bunch of us ended up having fun arguing on behalf of our made up countries about who was really responsible.  It was pretty funny.

I ,of course, came to the aid of noble Krasnovia, a nation of peaceful sandwich makers, who were being falsely accused of these heinous crimes.  (We were obviously framed)

So a year later the memory reminder thing on FB is bringing this back up. Another friend of mine created this post:

Remember your brothers killed by Krasnovians.#OnlyGoodKrasnovianIsADeadKrasnovian

Interesting timing, considering Larry has just been nominated for a Dragon Award.

Whether that’s a coincidence or not, we all knew Facebook’s censorship wouldn’t stop with political pundits like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and James Allsup.

Anyone who expresses an opinion the Death Cult deems heretical will be condemned to soft exile. Higher profile heretics like Larry will be targeted next, but they’ll be getting around to you far sooner than most suspect.

Just wait until Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency. If you doubt Zuckerberg wants Libra to become the official scrip for the global company store he and his elite friends are rapidly turning the world into, you’re not paying attention.

Getting the government to allow Libra will be akin to letting the camel get its nose in the tent. Once that threshold is crossed, FB’s fun money will go from allowed to preferred to required.

And not just on Facebook itself. You think FB, Amazon, Google, and Apple aren’t salivating over the prospect of a currency they control?

It may not end up being Libra, but ZuckBucks are at least the prototype for a medium of exchange that you’ll have to use if you want to do business with Big Tech. Not coincidentally, they’re also seeing to it that Big Tech are the only companies anyone can do business with.

This Libra rant may seem like a tangent, but hear me out.

Let’s imagine the following conditions are in place.

  • Big Tech develops a cryptocurrency over which the government has no oversight.
  • The entire tech oligopoly and its cronies require that all transactions take place in said currency.
  • Big Tech’s monopoly is so ubiquitous that there are no practical alternatives.
Now imagine you’re doing a fun bit of harmless RP with your Facebook friends in this dark cyberpunk future, and the joke flies over the head of one of FB’s subcontinental serfs.
You won’t just get a 24-hour ban like Larry. If only you were that lucky! You’ll lose access to your money until our rootless cosmopolitan overlords decide you’ve learned your lesson.
“OK, I’ll just go back to USD.” Better get a wheelbarrow for pile of dollars you’ll need to buy that toilet paper. If Congress gives Facebook an inch, it won’t be long until the relative value of Libra and the dollar resembles the current relationship between the dollar and the Venezuelan bolivar.
That’s if you can even get paid in US dollars. New Zealand just made it legal for companies to pay their employees’ salaries in crypto. What is allowed soon becomes mandatory. Don’t hand me any “muh slipper slope!” canards, either. It’s called basic pattern recognition.
I look forward to the impromptu Bible discussion on Revelation 13:17 in the comments.
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