Did It Get Stupider in Here?

Dr. William Lane Craig Refutes Stupid Arguments

The asylum inmates have been restless lately. It’s like there’s something in the water making people spout nonsense. Each passing day brings new revelations proving that Alex Jones was right after all.

A major cause of the degradation of public discourse is the decades-old phenomenon of schools not only failing to teach people how to think, but actively teaching them not to think. At the same time, so-called educators condition children to regard their emotional spasms as critical thought.

The perennially clownish internet atheist is everybody’s favorite example of this systematically enforced Dunning-Kruger effect. Picking on fedora tippers is beating a dead horse, but if they insist on presenting me with the easy button, I’m going to press it.

Here’s an illustrative exchange between a chapter of the No Sky Fairy brotherhood and Dr. Eve Keneinan.

Metaphysical Musing

NB: Whenever internet atheists start exchanging high fives and celebrating how they “obliterated” your arguments, all the while projecting like a CinemaScope, you know you’ve won.

Enlightenment Propaganda

Once again, the Enlightenment rears its ugly head.

Eve makes many salient points in that one tweet, but one is particularly relevant to this post. An educated person would know that the Scholastics never debated how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But the internet atheist thinks they did because he’s not educated.

It’s worse, in fact. He, like almost everyone, is maleducated. They’re actually getting stupider, but they don’t know it.

Meanwhile, “muh free markets!” gang has their panties in a bunch.

Free Market Absolutism

Now, my debating partner denied being a libertarian, so we’ll take him at his word. He did admit that his arguments sound like Libertarian arguments, so they’re useful as object lessons.

Libertarianism is a prime example of a passion-driven cult whose members have convinced themselves they’re operating on pure reason. But their belief system has all the hallmarks of a religion.

  • Cult: free market worship
  • Code; the NAP
  • Creed: the writings of Rothbard, Hayek, Mises, etc.
They even have a plan for salvation. Abolish government, institute absolute private property rights, and let society organize itself based on a voluntary contract basis. Accomplishing these steps is said to be the cure for all social ills. In this way, Libertarians are just as utopian as Communists.

Of course, no Christian heresy would be complete without a Devil figure. For Libertarians, the government fills the role of Old Nick. But while Christians acknowledge that Satan was at least created good, for Libertarians, government has always been, and can only be, evil.

Disclaimer: I usually hate it when BoomerCons try to roast Lefty sacred cows like the green movement and Communism itself by labeling them as religions. When Conservative Inc. doe it, they always adopt the Leftist frame that assumes all religion is inherently irrational.

That’s not my purpose here. I’m holding a mirror to people who affect unimpeachable rationality, often while scoffing at religion, to show them they are what they hate.

The idea, for example, that government needs to be intensely scrutinized while trillion-dollar corporations should be left to do as they please is about as rational as rubbing magic crystals. They need only look out their window to see that government vs corporations is a false dichotomy.

It’s not the government banning dissenters from social media, condemning them to soft exile by tearing up their debit cards, and shutting down 8chan. It’s megacorps willingly acting as hatchet men for the feds.

The first 20 minutes of this video by propaganda expert Devon Stack puts the lie to the quaint notion that we’d live in a meritocracy where anyone could be Sam Walton or Bill Gates if not for federal regulations. Drop what you’re doing and watch it now.

The individual is not sovereign. We are ruled by an incestuous elite class wielding generational power. Atomized consumers are helpless cattle in the face of such power.

Only the family and the Church can impose checks on Caesar and Mammon, which is why the elites have been working tirelessly to destroy both for generations.

We need a new elite who share our worldview and have incentives to look out for our interests. My hit martial thriller series Combat Frame XSeed gives a glimpse of what that might look like–as well as the chilling alternative.

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier

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