Despite decades of evidence to the contrary, some Conservatives and Libertarians still refuse to learn that they cannot defeat the Left by accepting the enemy’s philosophical premises while scolding their own side for being too effective.

In short, they’d rather police their erstwhile allies for wrongwinning than actually win.




Freedom is like moral currency. Its value solely depends on the value of the objective goods it gives you access to. Once you subscribe to the Classical Liberal error of setting up freedom as an absolute, the only internally consistent endpoint is nihilism.

Of course, being inconsistent Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians draw lines in the sand which strike Leftists as arbitrary, because within the mutually accepted frame of absolute freedom, they are.

However, the Left’s self-styled “opponents” tend not to take well to having that fact pointed out.


You can’t really blame him for unfollowing and subtweeting that snide parting shot. Directing fire at the Left involves a modicum of risk.

Then again, the fake right has proven so timid and feckless, it’s no cause for concern when they do turn their rhetorical guns on you.

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