The Civil War Is Already Here – Miss Michigan Stripped Of Title

If you didn’t already see it when I have been systematically de-personed by the science fiction publishing establishment who blacklists me from conventions, organizations, and anything else because I dare to have opinions that are different than theirs politically, it’s going to the next level now.

They’re targeting a young Asian girl who won the title of Miss Michigan because of her intellect and beauty, because she’s vocal about her Trump support and won’t keep to the political narrative she’s been assigned.

The Miss World pageant has now stripped her of her title, disassociated and disavowed her, wrote her a nasty email, which Jack Posobiec unveiled yesterday.

This sort of intimidation tactic happens in every single industry, every time anyone comes out as a Trump supporter. As much as they shriek Nazi at everyone else, they are the ones who are intimidating people out of jobs, out of artistry, to try to silence opponents by force because they know their ideas cannot stand on their own.

But of course they can’t allow this beautiful face to have a title, to be out there as their opposition because it destroys their narrative of opposing the white man.

How long will this go on? When will we start fighting back instead of pulling this BS “we must be apolitical!” and fight fire with fire?

If you hire Democrats or work with them at this point, or purchase their services knowingly for anything, you’re what gives them power. Apply their social pressure back to them.

All of the folk who work on my Steampunk series are 100% based. That’s why there’s no garbage content in it, and why people love the stories so much. It’s also why I scare sci-fi publishing. They know they can’t compete. Check it out. 125 reviews, 4.6/5 stars.  

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