I don’t owe explanations

I get a lot of angry people coming at me all the time (I know you’re shocked).

I supremely frustrate people a lot more than most because when they make angry demands of me, I don’t take them seriously.

In a latest, I’m dealing with a ‘HOW DO YOU SUPPORT A RACIST DRUMPFFFF?”

And I just troll back, because it’s not worth my time, energy, or thought process to deal rationally with someone who’s 100% irrational, and since it’s not coming at me as pleasant conversation, I won’t treat it as pleasant conversation.

That’s what a lot of people in publishing or whatever don’t get. I’m never going to take someone seriously who’s not going to treat me seriously and respectfully. Why would I?

This is exactly what the SFWA president did to me in 2017, opening salvos by calling this blog “egregious stupidity”. Then when I was not nice back, they acted like I did something mean to her. The truth was, she in her position of authority should not have been doing that to a new writer on the internet to begin with. In a just world, she would have been removed from her position or censured, but it’s all politics with them, so they attacked me for my responses to her trying to destroy my career instead.

I still await the results as to whether they’re going to play fair under new leadership.

In the meantime, I got books to write. I’m 1/2 through scripting Flying Sparks volume 4. Volume 2 is shipping now, and it’s a TON of fun superhero romp with a cool mob storyline like you’d used to get from good comics. Buy it here.


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