Humiliation Rituals

Bug Burger Humiliation Ritual

People have slowly started to notice a new fad gaining traction among our ruling class. Check your social media feeds or the entertainment news, and odds are you’ll see a piece extolling the virtues of eating bugs.

As if it had to be said again, you should never take our rulers’ stated motives at face value. They don’t think eating bugs will save the planet, nor do they think bug burgers are delicious. We know this because our betters won’t be dining on meal worms. When the daily bug ration is mandated, they’ll make unprincipled exceptions for themselves.

It’s good to see people catching on to the real purpose behind pushing bugs as haute cuisine. They’ve seen enough humiliation rituals to know the next one when it pops up.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the most commonly cited example of a humiliation ritual was Eastern Bloc shopkeepers being pressured to place “Workers of the world unite” signs in their front windows. If you didn’t display the sign and the local party functionary stopped by, there’d be trouble.

Now, this practice continued well into the 20th century, when it had become obvious to anyone with a brain that there would be no global Communist uprising. We know the guys in charge knew it. That wasn’t the point. They didn’t think the revolution would come if only enough shopkeepers displayed little red stars.

They knew from history that forcing people to publicly state manifest untruths demoralized them.

That’s how humiliation rituals work. If you can sap the people’s fortitude until they’ll willingly recite patent falsehoods, they won’t have the fortitude to challenge the elite.

A good example of the Left’s current favorite humiliation ritual came across my Twitter timeline yesterday. It’s astounding that there are any Conservatives who still think the Left’s noises about gay rights are on the level. Yet there they are, publicly endorsing butt stuff while wondering why it still hasn’t won them any brownie points with the Death Cult.

The reason for these housebroken Conservatives’ confusion is, as usual, their penchant for linear thinking. They can’t imagine anyone having ulterior motives, or if they can, they imagine some deliberate mass conspiracy; the SJWs getting daily marching orders from the Central Committee.

In reality, the Death Cult works more like a school of fish. They’re always sending subtle signals to each other to produce what looks like consciously coordinated movement.

That’s why Conservatives trying to be more pro-LGBT/anti-racist/feminist than the Left never works. They forget they’re dealing with a heretical religion, not a bunch of individuals who subscribe to an ideology.

To the Death Cult, a Conservative proclaiming his commitment to gay rights is LARPing with his fly open. He’s burning his pinch of incense and professing Caesar’s divinity while visibly crossing his fingers. The cult knows he’s not one of them, so his attempts to placate them come off as sacrilege.

That’s also why Conservatives lost the culture war. The point of a humiliation ritual is to make the enemy parrot your side’s moral code. For decades, Conservatives have dutifully performed every humiliation ritual the Death Cult liturgists have devised.

This isn’t a battle of divergent policies. It’s a war of conflicting morals. In asymmetrical warfare, whoever captures the moral level wins. Accepting the Death Cult’s moral framework is suicide, as Conservatives have proven. Beating this enemy will mean rejecting their morality wholesale.

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