Policy Rationale

Online dissident circles were abuzz yesterday with word that technocleric Mark Zuckerberg had issued a fatwa against the infidels on his company’s index of Dangerous Individuals.

The uproar broke out when alt-lite journalist Paul Joseph Watson discovered an ominous update to Facebook’s community standards allowing threats of “high-severity violence” against people who’ve been deplatformed from the site.

Community Standards

A tip o’ the hat to legendary game developer Mark Kern.

Grummz Tweet

People recently kicked off Facebook for being dangerous include Conservative rabble rousers like PJW himself, his old boss Alex Jones, as well as Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer, who both happen to be Jews but are tarred as Nazis anyway.

Predictably, Facebook walked back their new policy with a hasty update to the update.

Policy Rationale

The supposed clarification that Facebook’s threat allowance is limited to, “aspirational or conditional threats directed at terrorists and other violent actors,” is an obvious fig leaf. These re people whose whole ethos revolves around twisting language.

The same folks who call Milo, Loomer, Ben Shapiro, and Dennis Prager Nazis long ago abdicated all credibility to define “violent actors”.

We already know that Zuckerberg and his fellow oligarchs define “violence” as insufficiently enthusiastic adherence to the Death Cult. Here he is bragging about interfering with the Irish abortion vote by blocking pro-life ads.

Facebook’s policy rationale has nothing to do with stemming violence. The real purpose behind these guidelines is to make those deemed heretical by the Death Cult de facto outlaws who are fair game for any type of abuse, up to and including death.

The walkback is temporary. Expect even more explicit versions of these anathemas soon, along with their adoption by the rest of the Big Tech cabal.

Our rulers are conditioning the Left to regard anyone who disagrees with them as subhuman. Prepare for the intended results accordingly.

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