Crazy Rich Asians

When the man cheats, it’s bad, and the woman can just walk away.

When the woman cheats, it’s romantic, and the woman can just walk away.

And nither had anything to do with the plot

Only a few good male characters.

Nick needs to be a bit more comuicative, but plot so ok. He also got his friend off the horror boat, or as my husband put it “my version of hell. Being trapped on a boat with a bunch of ladies, that are not my ladies, put there for the explicit reason of trying to do stuff with them that I’d only do with my lady.

Humor was good, nothing seemed forced. Had to have to tolken gay/fasionble character. Too bad, I would have totally shipped him with best friend

It was funny watching my husband cringe at the way Rachel buchard Asian culture

Never resolse the American/Asian culture, and never gives a good counter argument.

Americans can build things of lasting values, but it’s different

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