Something To Have PRIDE In

The whole corporate pride movement these days is to try to push the most degenerate of hedonistic lifestyles. It’s not about leaving people alone or allowing rights, it’s now about mentally disturbed people flaunting their disturbed sexual fantasies and forcing them on the next generation.

They’ll go to absolutely insane extremes to do so: 

In Samambaia, Brazil, lesbians Rosana da Silva Candido and Kacyla Damasceno Pessoa were arrested after kids caught them trying to dispose of suitcases containing the mutilated body parts of a nine-year-old boy who had been missing for five years. The kids who spotted the duo called the police and Candido and Pessoa were promptly arrested where they confessed to killing the nine-year-old boy. This took place a year after they cut off his genitals in an attempt to turn him into a little girl.

At least they got rid of his toxic masculinity, right?

This is horrific. I can’t even promote my books on this post cuz I’m so disgusted and angry.

The elephant in the room is these people are MENTALLY ILL. They should not have children around them ever. Society needs to stop with the “we don’t judge” BS and protect our innocent so we don’t raise another generation of abused victims who take it out on the next.

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