An Oxymoron

Secular Right

The recent series of victories against infanticide rendered two valuable services to the Right. First and foremost, they dealt the Death Cult a major blow by seriously curtailing their high sacrament of Moloch worship for the first time in decades.

Second, the wave of abortion bans in states like Georgia and Alabama helpfully smoked out the traitors in our midst, who couldn’t refrain from publicly whining that finally winning was a defeat for the Right.

Pseudo-intellectual Christopher DeGroot offers himself as a definitive example of a Death Cult mole in this Taki Mag article, wherein he argues that defeating the secularizing Left requires embracing secularism.

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein used to tell his students that a philosopher must not belong to any school, because such a priori allegiance may prevent him from thinking with proper detachment. Instead, he must reason in a context-specific fashion, and always be willing to change his mind as he learns more in new circumstances.

That advice is not only a proper model for all intellectual endeavors; it is quite useful in the political domain, too.

Yet nothing could be more averse to this approach, at once wise and humble, than religious dogmatism. That has long been a problem on the right, and the new law in Alabama, which makes abortion illegal even in cases of rape and of incest, is the latest proof. The law will probably be overturned at the district and appellate levels, and it is highly unlikely that the issue will reach the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it is going to turn more people, particularly women, away from the right, at both the local and the national level, and for good reason.

Anyone who sucks up to people who abandon a movement because it doesn’t meet their minimum threshold for baby murder is a saboteur.

What’s baffling is DeGroot’s pretense of being on the Right in the first place. It doesn’t get more “How do you do, fellow right-wingers?” than click bait saturated with Mad-at-Dad antinomianism and Boomer-tier pedestal polishing.

Honestly, what kind of man lets women shake him down by threatening to take their ball and go home if he won’t let them butcher enough children?

Oh, yeah. The kind of men who oversaw pro-life’s timid, glacial movement while fifty million babies were slaughtered.

“Secular Right” is an oxymoron. DeGroot fancies himself a philosopher. He’d do well to study some history. The Right were those who supported king and Church, throne and altar against the secularizing forces of the French Revolution.

As many former atheists who were less dogmatic in their atheism than DeGroot is now realize, the Left’s entire project is to separate people from God.

The secularists had 300 years to make their experiment work. It ended in Clown World.

That’s why secular states like Germany, France, Canada, the UK and the US are dying. Meanwhile, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Russia are successfully resisting secular globalism.

A people’s religion is their origin story. It is how a nation explains itself to itself. Agitating to strip a people of their faith is a direct call for that people’s destruction.

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