YouTube Strikes Fast, Strikes Hard, No Mercy

I’m not at all surprised that YouTube upped the ante of demonetizing and banning conservative channels again. It’ no longer “just extremists! It cant happen to me!” like the cucks love to proclaim. It’s now normal journalists. This is just the beginning.

There’s no reason to do a hot take on the specifics, as there’s more than enough out there already, but it’s even hitting channels that are smaller comic-related channels where small youtubers who need a few extra bucks are finding their content demonetized.

The internet has not been free in some time. It is no longer a grand information wheelhouse where ideas can get out there. It’s now an oligopoly controlled by a few selected companies that are approved by the US and Chinese governments. Anything that goes against the Narrative is going to get shut down.

They understood they made a mistake by allowing freedom of information in 2016. It was utilized by normal folk to create a populist uprising to make Donald Trump president, and the powers that be are hellbent on ensuring that never happens again.

Why? They want to maintain their power over you. They only want their approved candidates to win so they can keep getting laws and subsidies that only benefit them.

They want you to be slaves, body and mind.

Pretty soon there will be no means by which to fight back against Google/Apple/Amazon/Facebook There will be no discoverability for anyone. Complete messaging control is what they crave.

That’s why it’s so important to support independent content and art, because if we can’t survive this push, they’re going to put people like me in jail for daring to speak out against the corrupt system.

This is our only shot at culture change.

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