We Have A Spy Training Release Date!

It seems like forever since we’ve put a book out, and that’s cuz it’s true.

Guard Training was last released in December, marking my last prose work to see print since that time. We’ve been really busy making comic books which has slowed the production schedule down some, but I also wrote four full novels and edited a fifth that aren’t slated for release just yet as we’re working on a “rapid release” program to assist with binge readers’ needs.

But I’m happy to announce we finally have a release date for the 3rd book in the Steam Knight trilogy, the conclusion to Year One of James Gentry’s ascension as a Knight of the Crystal Spire:

Tuesday, May 28th 2019!

I’m very excited to bring you a continuation of the Rislandian saga. The draft Amazon description is below:

Deadly secrets lie behind enemy lines…

…will he make it out alive?

The Knights of the Crystal Spire send their finest warriors on an espionage mission in hopes of uncovering plans to the one weapon that could turn the tide of the war—the airship.

James Gentry takes this difficult assignment while juggling overwhelming personal troubles that threaten to turn his assignment sideways. If he can’t regain his focus, it could lead to his death.

To compound his problems, the Wyranth have a secret plan far more dangerous than the knights could have even imagined.

Buy the thrilling conclusion to The Steam Knight’s first year of adventures and experience the epic gun slinging action of the special forces of Steampunk!

Exciting stuff. Make sure to catch up on Knight Training and Guard Training on Audio now. I also highly recommend reading The Fight For Rislandia first for overall setting detail though this is a stand alone story, so it’s a fine one to check out as well, you just won’t have all the background.


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