Star Wars’ Target Audience

Man Cries Over Star Wars

Two cultural observations that have repeatedly been made on this blog are that Star Wars has been weaponized against its original fans and that decadent Westerners are perverting normal pious sentiment by investing it in corporate pop culture products.

Now a viral video has surfaced that documents the unholy confluence of both phenomena. Watch only if you haven’t eaten recently.

Mock this video’s subject for bursting into tears at a cynical marketing tool if you want. I certainly won’t stop you. He’s reacting to watching a commercial as if he were watching the birth of his first child.

But before you mock, know that this is how Disney sees the male segment of their fandom. The weepy soiboi in the video, which may as well be the West’s epitaph, is Star Wars’ target audience.

If you still call yourself a Star Wars fan; even if you’re merely willing to pay to consume another Star Wars product, you can’t point the finger at this manlet without three pointing back at you.

Clown World: How do they keep making it more septic every time?

Conservative capitalists abandoned Hollywood to the Leftist propaganda mill long ago. Tinseltown is now one of the most prolific vectors of the poz.

If we’re to have a hope of retaking lost cultural ground, it’s imperative for dissenting sci-fi aficionados to stop funding their own demise, i.e. stop giving money to people who hate you.

Lest you doubt that they hate you, watch that video again. Take careful note of the visceral revulsion you feel at the nu-male’s blubbering, and understand that he is Disney’s image of you.

Trudging off to the theater might be understandable if Mouse Wars were the only game in town. But we’re in the midst of an indie science fiction boom the likes of which haven’t been seen since the golden age of the Pulps.

There’s simply no excuse for spending your finite time and money on Soy Wars instead of independent creators who share–or at least won’t desecrate–your moral vision of the world.

I get that the good stuff can be hard to find, especially with converged media and Big Tech actively throttling any artist to the right of Fidel Castro. Like panning for gold, finding unpozzed entertainment in the reign of the Mouse takes some work.

Luckily, I’m in a position to make it easy for you. Get my hit mecha space adventure Combat Frame XSeed now!

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