Who’s Intolerant Bigots? You’ll Never Believe What Science Says!

And we can’t question Science.

The study shows Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans (24% vs. 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election. A similar disparity turned up for self-identified liberals versus conservatives (28% vs. 8%). Meanwhile, only 9% of independents reportedly booted someone out of their online social circles because of politics.

As this graphic shows, the survey also identified “Democratic women” as the most likely of all groups to block someone on social media:

It’s liberal white women who are the bigots en masse. They feel horrible about it which is why they act so hard to try to ostracize anyone else who doesn’t agree with them. It must be internalized guilt that they project onto others. Starts to make some psychological sense to see how some of these organizations like SFWA have gone now, doesn’t it?

You can be different politics than me and still enjoy my book. I won’t unfriend you. That’s the difference between me and them. Check out Flying Sparks volume 2. Only 5 days left!

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