$10K Achievement Unlocked!

Last night was amazing!

I was out playing worship like I do most Thursday nights, practicing for the weekend with some of the best musicians in the Bay Area, and I come back home, open up my browser, click my campaign… boom! We got there!

This $10K number is one I wanted to unlock for a few reasons on Flying Sparks 2.

One, there’s just a nice perception to five-figures that this feels like a real success. I know that’s perhaps an odd thing to look at, but it definitely gives me a sense of relief on that end.

Second, for readers, this makes the campaign probably the most value-town of any campaign I’ve seen out there.

If you haven’t seen the stretch goal yet, the $10K number means there’s a ton of #1 Issue comics from awesome indie creators that you’ll get in addition to the Flying Sparks book now.

  • Alt-Hero #1
  • Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1
  • Something Real #1
  • Juanpool #1
  • Sporkman: Conventions #1
  • Punchline #1
  • Nyobi #1
  • The Ember War #1
  • And my upcoming book, the first chapter next crowdfund we’ll be doing, Dynamite Thor #1. You’ll get the first look at this!
  • Plus if you missed the first campaign, an 8-Page Flying Sparks prequel, “Hannah’s Story”

This is a TON of comics. I probably should have split these up into two stretch goals cuz now at any backing level, readers just get a ridiculous amount of awesome books.

But we made it. Now every backer is going to really be in on a whole movement. This is exciting stuff! I can’t wait to get Flying Sparks into your hands.

If you haven’t backed yet, the campaign only has 7 days left. Get in now! 




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