Proof From Atheist Absurdity

Atheist Church

Over at John C. Wright’s blog, Basic atheist Ilja Deifts copiously demonstrates why no one takes atheism seriously anymore.

The verbal onanist spews quite a torrent of sophistic effluvium, so I’ll just hit the high notes from his smug, effeminate efforts to rebut Mr. Wright’s argument against an infinite regress.

First up, our very own D.J. weighs in.

As always, an #IFuckingLoveScience! type retreats into intellectual nihilism rather than confront the reality of You Know Who. Philosophical illiterates like Deifts fear the light so much that they’ll plunge us into a dark age to escape it.

Enter JCW.

It looks like John’s laser scalpel logic might have cut through the fog dimming Deifts’ intellect.

I spoke too soon. The cool, rational atheist who spends hours obsessing over the God he doesn’t believe in on the internet just can’t help himself. And once again, he undermines his own position.

Before making a rookie category error.

JCW delivers the coup de grace.

Atheism briefly gained some traction in the previous decade by plying the gullible with a world where they’d be free to indulge their vices with impunity. Their gains evaporated when even the less astute realized it was also a world without accumulated knowledge, electricity, or indoor plumbing.

Having cataloged so much of it lately, I’m tempted to cite internet atheists’ sheer absurdity as a proof for God.

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