Amazon Is Getting More Evil

It was only a matter of time before the platform went for full censorship. Roosh was the warning shot across the world last year when they took his book down. Because of who he was, no one listened.

Maybe someone will with Tommy Robinson?

Under pressure from left-wing journalists and activists, Amazon is purging right-wing authors from its store, including a book co-authored by English Islam critic and independent commentator Tommy Robinson.

The web retail giant has become the dominant market player in book sales, accounting for nearly 50 percent of physical and 83 percent of e-book sales in the U.S. As such, Amazon has the power to effectively cut an author off from the vast majority of the books market.

Amazon began its new round of purges by targeting the white nationalist fringe. In February, the tech giant banned a number of books from white identitarian Jared Taylor, and a book called The White Nationalist Manifesto by Greg Johnson.

Of course I can see the cucks crying, “it won’t happen to meeeee. Those are just extreeeemists.”

Until it does. They always creep in incrementalism when they come to censorship. We’ve seen it done on so many other big tech platforms, why do you expect Amazon, a huge monopoly controlled by Jeff Bezos, would do differently?

We’ll see if they allow Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book, How To Be Poor, up.

Make sure to back my projects because it’s probably a matter of time before I’m banned from platforms where I can sell my books. Need to reach the critical mass of support now to survive when it happens. Besides, Flying Sparks is called “the best indie comic of 2018” by readers. Volume 2 is even better! Back today.

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