Handling SJW Attacks

Since my blog on DC McAllister, a lot of people have asked me for pre-emptive advice on how to handle SJW attacks and getting mobbed online. First off, I have to recommend the book SJWs Always Lie which has a full manual on how to do this, but there’s also my own experiences.

First off is the most important part:

Change Your Mindset

When you get under these kind of mob attacks, often it begins with what appears to be friendly warnings from employers, friends, colleagues, etc. but you can tell there’s something else underneath. You’re being judged, and more than just about a concern for a simple action. These people are giving you clear warnings that you’re out of line, you’re no longer part of the club.

It starts fairly early. You say one thing that is from a freethinking perspective, different than the norm, and the whole group is talking about you behind your back. You can’t put a finger on it, often times they’ll just start treating you differently, ignoring you, no longer inviting you into crucial tasks. Sometimes they’ll explicitly tell you you’re out. Most of the times, they act in cowardice in the form of the group together.

Our first instincts in these situations are to panic. “I don’t want to lose my tribe! I need to fit in. I need the approval.”

It’s tough. Losing friends, jobs, family members is painful. It’s wrong that folk would do this to you over disagreements on anything. It’s disloyal. It flies in the face of everything you know is good and true. That’s all correct. However, these aren’t rational beings, this is a mob.

Your mindset needs to change. Acceptance doesn’t matter, and moreover, you can’t obtain it. The condition for the acceptance is to 100% change your convictions, who you are, and you can’t just give it lip service. They will know. You would have to be a brainwashed drone that says and does all the right things. It won’t happen and you and they both know it.

What you need to accept is that you won’t be accepted.

You’re going to be alone. No one, even the best of friends are going to come to your defense. They are either in agreement with the mob, or they’re so afraid of the mob they will keep their mouths shut for their own safety. Appealing to these folk will only get you frustrated, and only cause a bigger open fight with the former friends you thought you could rely on.

It’s okay to be alone. Your principles make you who you are. Accept yourself, that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying, and accept that through whatever occurred, you’re going to have to go at it with not much help.

There’s support out there, of course. I found wonderful people when I came under attack, but keep in mind the support you find will come from people who have their own lives. They’ll care, but only to some extent. You can’t call these people and yap for hours like you did with your former mob friends. It will feel distant.

But realize you’re now a revolutionary. Your words have power, and that power drives the NPC mobs completely crazy. It’s because what you speak is truth, and that’s what’s important. Remember, even the Apostles spoke truth up to the point where people killed them for it — and they rejoiced in it. Sometimes you’ll have personal wins from truth, sometimes not, but if you stick to it and have a joyful attitude about it, you’ll influence more. Those twelve sure changed the world by having the mob attack them.

And that’s where the mindset shift really has to come in. Have fun with it. Enjoy the ride, because it’s going to happen regardless. No apologies will do anything, they don’t actually care about your words.

It’s a tough step, but when you get there, these mobs become nothing but little nuisances.

I’ve been fighting against these attacks for a couple years now. They haven’t stopped, they haven’t slowed down. But they’ve done nothing to me. They can’t even stop me from successfully producing my own books. This is my third fully-funded crowdfund, and with your help, I can create even more art. Back Flying Sparks Volume 2 today and enjoy a great comic from someone who takes on these ridiculous mobs all the time.

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