He is Risen

April 21, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

On this most superversive of days, When darkness was swallowed up by light, When death was overpowered by life, When despair was torn asunder by dazzling hope, When guilt was washed away by innocence, And […]


Divine Attributes

April 19, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

In honor of Good Friday, a follow up to last week’s theology post seems in order. Previously we defined what theologians mean by God: the necessary, self-existing uncaused Being that is the ultimate source of […]


Love Death & Robots

April 19, 2019 Josh Young 0

I was somehow blindsided by the existence of the Netflix animated anthology show, Love, Death & Robots. I’d heard nothing about it, knew nothing about it, and basically wasn’t even aware of it until a friend […]


Star Wars’ Target Audience

April 17, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Two cultural observations that have repeatedly been made on this blog are that Star Wars has been weaponized against its original fans and that decadent Westerners are perverting normal pious sentiment by investing it in […]