Coming Soon–Planetary: Jupiter!

At long last, after a wait of months and months, Planetary: Jupiter will soon be available!

As some of you already know, we had two unexpected delays that temporarily derailed the Planetary anthology project. The first was an emergency in the life of our cover artist, which held up the project last summer. Then, just as that was clearing up, our publisher suffered a personal tragedy in the sudden loss of his wife.

But now, things are back on track! This is how they stand:

Jupiter — to be released soon.
Saturn — still needs stories.
Neptune — still needs stories
Uranus — still needs stories
Pluto — on track
Luna — received so many stories that it will be dividing into Luna and Dark Luna.
Sol — still needs stories.

For those who are still waiting to hear about submissions they have already sent in, things should be moving again, and you should start hearing from the various editors soon!

See the awesome new Planetary: Jupiter video trailer here!