We Can’t Have Nice Things


After Ethan Ralph, host of popular news and humor show The #Killstream, had his account purged by YouTube, he and other dissenters migrated to streaming startup Stream.me.

Now, mere months later, Stream.me has suddenly shut down their site. Ralph waded into the tide of wild speculation following Stream.me’s closure to explain what actually took place.

…a lot of stuff happened today. Basically, Stream.me just completely deleted their site around 9:30 this morning, and I saw a couple tweets.

I was going around around town running some errands of course I moved in with Andy Warski here in Richmond. That’s gonna be a storyline coming up.

We’re going to Miami. We’re doing all kinds of stuff, so we were out running errands picking up stuff for the apartment, and I saw a couple tweets, 

and they said, “Ah, Stream.me!” You know I’m getting three or four or whatever the hell it was, and I said ah well you know the site’s kind of sketchy. 

Maybe it just, you know, maybe was just messing up. 

I really didn’t pay much too much attention to it. And then I saw that it was legit and that the site had been completely deleted.

I didn’t comment on it publicly. I don’t think I’ve actually made a comment on it publicly besides this to shoot down the one rumor that somehow it was all gonna transfer over to Ice Poseidon’s Scuffed.com. 

Now Stream.me is running the tech for Scuffed.com. They do have an investment with Ice Poseidon, but no, it’s not all transferring over to him.

I’ve heard nothing of the sort. That’s just a wild rumor, so that’s that’s not happening. And the reason I waited is because I wanted to talk to some people there. I wanted to find out what was going on. And what was going on is there’s a board on 8chan. They doxxed the owners. 

Now according to what I was told by the Stream.me staff, I don’t actually frequent the board any longer, but they doxxed the owners of Stream.me. 

They doxxed their family. There were calls made to the owners saying, “We know where your kids go to school. We know where they live,” and they decided to pull the plug on the entire site. 

There’s going to be a meeting on Wednesday, and there’s a chance maybe it could come back. But as of now, I would put the chances of that at very slim. 

I don’t think it’s probably gonna be back, just based on how they not only did they delete the site, they deleted the apps off the App Store and the Play Store just completely. Completely eighty-six the whole thing.”

In the meantime, Ralph and his co-hosts have taken their show back to YouTube, surviving as digital nomads on other users’ channels. You can watch the #Killstream’s return to YouTube here:

What was 8chan’s motive for the doxx? Conjecture ranges from jealousy over the #Killstream’s success–it was the number one show on Stream.me–to Antifa agitators. Having followed the show and much of the Stream.me scene since the site started, my money’s on autistic purity spiraling.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Internet culture has descended into amateur wrestling kayfabe. Whether you’re running a live stream, selling books, or running for president, it’s now mandatory to portray yourself as the face, find a heel, and generate drama.

But because there’s no ref and no rules, the game escalates out of control, and the whole scene collapses under all the drama. Then it’s on to the next venue.

That’s not to cast aspersions on Ralph, Zidan, or Gator. They’re just trying to inform, entertain, and occasionally raise some money for kids with cancer. But the censors and drama queens won’t let them do that.

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