Babylon: Law And Empire

March 22, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

In the past ten days, I’ve increased my following on Twitter by a factor of eight, thanks mostly to a couple of awesome fellow writers who have made it their mission to boost other writers’ […]


Combat Frame Data: Harvester

March 22, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Harvester     Technical Data Model number: N/A Code name: Harvester Nickname: Space Tick, Space Ape Classification: transformable resource extraction combat frame Manufacturer: Unknown Operator: Unknown First deployment: Unknown, before CY -2000 Crew: 1 pilot in central cockpit Length: main body 15 meters; with […]


Practical to a Fault, Reprise

March 21, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

As a follow up to Monday’s post on the arts, and in light of KameCon folding on Vic Mignogna, here’s a guest post from the vaults by author Rawle Nyanzi about the Conservative tendency to […]

Jon Del Arroz

Flying Sparks Volume 2 Is Live!

March 21, 2019 jdelarroz 0

I left you with a cliffhanger in volume 1… …the resolution will leave you breathless. Mob Ties picks up right where book 1 left off, and I put my foot firmly on the action gas […]

Assemblies of God

Sabellians in The Midst

March 21, 2019 Frank Luke 0

The old adage says those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. However, those who do learn from history are drug along while those who did not learn repeat it. At […]


New from Jonathan Moeller

March 20, 2019 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

The SEVENFOLD SWORD saga continues! SEVENFOLD SWORD: GUARDIAN is now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, and Smashwords. Read SEVENFOLD SAGA : GUARDIAN!   Caina Amalas in audio! GHOST IN THE […]

Dawn Witzke

Watching TV again

March 20, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

I’m not much for watching television or movies, mainly because I have a mountain of a to-do list. But, about once a week, I take off time to park my backside on the couch and […]