Gen 8! Gen 8!

Pokémon Generation 8 mainline game trailer is out!


– It looks amazing. The graphical capabilities of the Switch really do make a difference

– The world looks huge! Look how expansive some of those backgrounds look. The camera angles really seem to emphasize this

– Loving the British theme. Actually, they call it a UK theme, so hopefully Ireland will show up as well

– The protagonist designs are probably my favorites since gen 3. And, thank goodness, I’m pretty sure I saw one of their facial expressions change once

– Wild encounters are back! I was worried about that

– Some rumors are out for a Kalos postgame! Oh man would that be cool

– The gyms, or whatever they’re going to call them, look insanely cool. I’m loving the huge crowds

– I highly approve of the starters. My one and only worry is that Scorbunny will be a fire/fighting type, but hopefully not. I’ll probably pick him if that’s the case…him or Sobble. I’m torn

Overall: Hype factor is ten of ten. It looks great and I will be getting a Switch just to play it.