The Truth About Fighting Big Tech And The Culture War

Brian Neimeier wrote a blog today about Big Tech, and utilizing their institutions that makes the point far better than I ever could.

Is this a shit state of affairs? Yes. Will cutting ties with the tech oligarchs and publishing exclusively out of a personal web site with a storefront solve the problem? Demonstrably not. That way lies accelerated self-ghettoization and total market exile.

The only realistic approach is to keep using the dominant though converged services while we still can, then make the rubble bounce when we’re banned. Better to use the enemy’s strength against him and get our ideas in front of a mass audience than fall back to a digital Benedict Option.

Hopefully the government, the only people with enough power to take Big Tech down, get the antitrust ball rolling. Indies are already eating oldpub and old comics’ lunch on Amazon and Indeigogo. Imagine what we could do on a level playing field.

Read his full article, look at the chart he produces. These big tech agencies exist because they are monopolies. They control and dominate markets. Unfortunately, we need to use their platform and storefronts in order to survive as independent artists.  I wish it were another way, but sticking it to indies by not supporting their work is only hurting the little guy, not these tech giants.

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