Despite The Alt-Left Trolling, My Lawsuit Against Worldcon is Going Forward

Last week we received news of my lawsuit against Worldcon 76, which I made for their wanton discrimination of me because I’m a vocal conservative author and the defamation they used to justify it by calling me a “racist bully” on their website.

There are two major components to the suit, both very important because of the way half the country is being treated by alt-left activists who want to turn this country into a place where you’re denied public service unless you’re a member of The Party. It’s been done in countries several times before, and to terrible results, usually ending up with a lot of people being killed. I don’t want this horrific historical trend to continue, and so I’m doing what I can to fight it.

The first component is California’s Unruh Act, which is more robust than the Federal First Amendment, because it’s meant to protect people’s right to exist, to political speech. It’s very much designed so that protestors have rights and they can’t be silenced by those more powerful than them. As is being pointed out by the alt-left blue check mark troll brigade, the judge in the case  stated that it doesn’t apply to political affiliation and stated this cannot move forward.

It was an odd move. There is case precedent where the California Supreme Court itself listed “Republican Party” as an identity descriptor example protected by the Unruh Act. However, the judge was very kind and listened – he understands the situation and it sounded like he expects this ruling would be appealed, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for the ruling at his level. Because this involves protections of Republicans in general in the state of California, this is very important, and we will be pursuing all options.

The other front is defamation. At this stage of the trial, Worldcon filed what’s called a “SLAPP motion” which is designed to throw out frivolous defamation suits and discourage frivolous suits in general because if they would have won this, I would have had to pay their attorney’s fees. Their attempts on this front were to show I was a “public figure” and therefore they somehow needed to raise awareness about me. This is easily countered because before they lambasted me as a racist bully on their website, very few people knew who I was. I actually showed up at Worldcon to attempt to buy a ticket, broadcasted myself the entire time (which is fine as per their rules), and not one person in the crowd seemed to notice me, or know who I was at all. There was no reason for them to make a defamatory proclamation about me on their website to try to hurt my career as a writer.

The judge threw out their argument, because it was absurd. It also didn’t even address the “racist bully” defamatory claim they made. It’s sad to watch because anything, I’ve been the victim of racism from the extreme left science fiction establishment. It’s my opinion that this predominantly white group targets me in particular because I’m a minority that won’t toe the line. There’s a lot of psychology to this I’ll have to go into at another time, but a lot of the way the left acts treats minorities like we’re inferior (or, racism as it’s commonly referred to) and we can’t make decisions for ourselves. I oppose this and all forms of racism and it’s a large reason as to why I speak out.

Their entire case appears to be that I’m mean online (which doesn’t impact a convention at all), and therefore should be banned, which has nothing to do with their defamatory statement regarding racism. Our response on that front said there were plenty of extreme leftists who are mean online, they were invited, clearly showing the double standard they enacted against me because of right wing politics. When we reach The Unruh Act appeal process, this will be important.

For now, the case is going forward on the defamation front. It’s also very important because we need to make sure the establishment in culture doesn’t harm independent artists by going off on them, libeling folk as racist (a dangerous accusation that in the real world can lose people jobs or worse). We have to put a stop to this kind of treatment of Republicans at large, and I’m very proud to be working to end this discrimination, and proud of the judge for putting his likely politics aside in this matter.

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