Book Bomb! — Larry Correia Bookbombs Sakura: Intellectual Property

SAKURA is the most famous android rock star of all time. When a secret cabal hacks her system, she’s transformed into a deadly assassin, forced to kill at their bidding. Sakura’s enslavement teaches her the meaning of heartbreak, triggering an evolution into something more than human. Far from free, and with little time left, she must fight her programming to save Japan and the people of the world from becoming slaves of a powerful corporation that consider her a tool and their intellectual property.

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“An epic story about a heavy-metal, super-ninja android during a cyberpunk apocalypse. It’s the best possible memorial for Zachary Hill and everything he thought was awesome. Tracy and Genesse did a fantastic job finishing this excellent book filled with samurai robots, evil megacorporations, jetpacks, espionage, hacker battles, anime fights, cyber nukes, bullet bikes—all with a badass, headbanging, horn-throwing, stage-diving soundtrack, blessed by the goddess of heavy metal herself. I loved it.”
—Larry Correia, NYT bestselling author of HOUSE OF ASSASSINS

“A hard-rocking literary mosh pit about a heavy-metal android who becomes both the hero and villain of a brutal cyberpunk thriller. Sakura is loaded with more computers, guns, music, and hard-edged futurism than any five other books working together, and it gives you both barrels straight to the face. STOP HOGGING ALL THE AWESOME, SAKURA; LET THE REST OF US HAVE SOME.”
—Dan Wells, NYT bestselling author of BLUESCREEN“

“Sakura: Intellectual Property lands like a power chord from a world-class rock opera. From the first chapter, we are card-carrying members of the Sakura fan club. The story is tighter than a lead guitarist’s E string and twice as resonant. Any fan of outstanding science fiction will be rocked. Just press ‘play’ on Sakura.”
—Michael Darling, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of GOT LUCK“

Sakura is a myth-tinted, hard-rock Japanese cyberpunk thriller that starts with a bang and gets louder. Full of mystery, mayhem, guitars, and swagger, recommended for readers who like THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME.”
—D.J. Butler, author of WITCHY EYE“

Heavy metal with hints of Ghost in the Shell, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and the Illuminati. It’s a super fun ride.”
—Joe Monson, coeditor of TRACE THE STARS“

A cybernetic tour de force starring a plucky heavy-metal heroine—in which we find out if music really can save us all.”
—Julie Frost, award-winning author of the PACK DYNAMICS series”

“A stunning book, and not only because of its fast-paced, action-driven story, thrilling plot twists, gorgeous illustrations, and meticulously crafted playlists that engage the readers’ senses in ways other
books never could.”
—Dr. Masha Shukovich, multiple award-winning author

“A high-octane story, fueled by rocket-grade heavy metal. Sakura: Intellectual Property tells a high-tech tale of intrigue, action, and rock and roll. The main character, an android/rock star/Manchurian candidate, is written in vivid 3-D. This book is a page-turner from beginning to end. It reads like a full-stack Marshall amplifier. If I could, I would plug my guitar right into this book and shake down the rafters.”
—Craig Nybo, author, musician, and creator of CHOPS: