They Still Make Dubbed Anime?

Vic Mignogna
Last night on Twitter, a reader asked me if I had a take on the Vic Mignogna controversy. I had to admit I didn’t, since my schedule has been rather full with my own anime-adjacent projects. Plus, I stopped watching new anime back when it became clear that Bleach was spinning its wheels.
Upon looking into this bit of business, I found the typical struggle session playing itself out again. This time, instead of a shrieking cat lady mob massing to keep a man off the Supreme Court or 
 out of the Senate, unless he’s a Democrat, anime voice actresses are drumming a man out of their industry based on sudden recollections that he may have once creeped a number of them out.
Here’s one voice actress’ account of a harrowing brush with Mignogna:
Mignogna denies the allegations. It should be noted that they only surfaced soon after he starred in a highly successful Dragon Ball Super movie.
Is he guilty? Who knows? He’s lost his career though, which is what his accusers wanted. That they cited Mignogna’s clout within the industry as their reason for not coming forward before, only to lodge accusations when their alleged harasser reached the height of his career, gives one pause at the least. He didn’t help his case by committing one of the classic blunders, viz. apologizing to SJWs:
As always, the apology served no purpose other than to confirm his guilt in the witchfinders’ minds. Mignogna can’t get arrested in the voice acting industry anymore.The statements released by his former employers are a hodgepodge of SJW cant so hackneyed that you already know the content without reading it. Suffice it to say, invocations to “diversity”, various “communities”, and making everyone feel safe abound. Straight white men have no reason to feel safe in this climate, but they don’t count.
What’s my take on Vic Mignogna’s banishment to the outer darkness? The same take I always give in response to the increasingly frequent occurrences of situations like this. Pretty much every industry is controlled by a frothing death cult perpetually in search of new sacrificial victims. They’ll eventually get around to you.
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