Back Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40!

Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40

Can you believe it’s already been four months since our triumphant crowdfunding campaign for Combat Frame XSeed? My team of international publishing experts has been hard at work, and it’s now my pleasure to announce that the Indiegogo campaign for the highly anticipated sequel is now live!

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, and I’ve made a brand-new book trailer for the occasion!

Here’s the pitch:

They made him necessary. He’ll make them pay.

Earth groans under the yoke of the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition. Socs enjoy privileged status while grounders languish as second-class citizens.

Student Thomas Arthur Dormio leads the Brussels Service Academy’s history club, a front for a dissident grounder cell. The Human Liberation Organization conducts a campaign of blackmail, sabotage, and terrorism to free Earth from the Socs.

En route to make contact with the HLO, Second Lieutenant Theodore Red arrives in orbit over Western Europe. But before he starts the next phase of the resistance on Earth, Red has a man to kill.

Will the HLO avenge themselves on the Coalition? Or will personal grudges and conflicting purposes tear them apart? Find out in the pages of Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40!

Returning backers will be glad to know that popular perks like the series one trading cards, Be in a Book, Be Killed in a Book, and Build-a-Mech are back, along with some new surprises that long-time readers will surely find intriguing. If you’re new to the CFXS universe, don’t worry. I’ve bundled the digital version of the first book with almost every perk.

The first stretch goal will be series two trading cards. Look for a poll as to which CFs will be featured in coming days.

And if for some strange reason you haven’t bought the first book yet, you know what to do.

Bonus: I’ll be making a special return appearance on Geek Gab tomorrow night at 9:30 Central. More details forthcoming!

This is gonna be huge. Back CFXS: CY40 now!

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