Between the Wolves and the Tiger


They will never leave us alone, and nowhere is safe.

Item 1: New author Amelie Wen Zhao, a refugee from Communist China, was recently harangued by SJWs into pulling her upcoming debut novel from publication with Delacorte Press. She was further compelled to post a 1984 style confession and apology for her thought crime.

Here’s author Larry Correia’s take.

TL; DR: Legacy New York publishing isn’t just making war on dissenters like Nick Cole. Now they’re eating their own.

Item 2: Amazon scrubbed Castalia House’s KDP account yesterday.

You may have noticed that you can’t find any Castalia House ebooks on Amazon right now. That’s because Amazon shut down our KDP account on the basis of a wildly spurious claim of publishing material to which we do not have the necessary rights. 

Translation: An SJW cube farm drone picked an arbitrary cover story from a drop down menu.

CH has been reinstated. For now. But Amazon’s recent pattern of behavior doesn’t bode well for independent authors.

The takeaway: Authors seeking freedom from oldpub’s war on truth and beauty thought Amazon was Robert the Bruce. They’re turning out to be Napoleon.

The hysterical Leftist death cult is coming for you. Retreat will not be an option.

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