Tough Week for Fedora Tippers

Many have pointed out–rightly, I believe–that the Covington Catholic fiasco has dispensed more red pills than a Seconal dealer. The tawdry spectacle of the entire #FakeNews media, Conservative, Inc, and even elements of the Catholic academy and hierarchy ganging up to throw a bunch of innocent kids in the stocks has also had the secondary effect of unmasking the Big Brain Nietzsche Bunch as fifth columnists.

Here’s a typical example of the response from the “Dissident Right” atheist contingent:

It’s becoming clear why the Covington School administration apologized, immediately and without reservation, to the extremists who confronted and harassed their students. At first I was puzzled at their eagerness to join this rabid, unfounded smear. Then I recalled some teaching of the Church is nearly indistinguishable from extreme leftist cant, with a sharp emphasis on anti-white rhetoric. Having no expertise on their internal matters I’ve tended to discount it.

Now, I’ve issued my share of rebukes to the American Catholic hierarchy for their abject failure to tend the sheep in their care. Observant readers will note the key difference between my fraternal corrections and internet atheists’ snide jeering. My aim is to spare Catholic prelates and educators from eternal hellfire by waking them from their slothful, cowardly stupor. The fedora tippers, by contrast, simply can’t resist the chance to beat their most despised dog with any stick that’s handy–even if it’s the same stick, already slick with young men’s blood, wielded by the Leftist death cult.

Lining up with the Left to attack the Covington boys’ faith is, as the kids say, bad optics. But it’s also clear optics. The current struggle is not primarily between Conservatives and Liberals, socialists and capitalists, or even whites vs. everyone else. Those conflicts are symptoms of a worse affliction: the principality of Satan’s war against the Kingdom of God.

If your initial reflex upon reading that last sentence is to issue a smirking chuckle, then you are ultimately detrimental to victory because you do not understand the nature of the conflict. If the brazen outrages of witches infesting academia, demon-ridden psychotics grooming preschoolers, and the establishment of Moloch worship through abortion laws that would make the Aztecs blush don’t convince you that we are at spiritual war, then you are either hopelessly compromised by enemy propaganda, or you are the enemy’s willing stooge.

Bonus: Another reason the Big Brain crowd has their panties in a twist this week is this huge sample size survey of white IQ by religious affiliation.

Religious IQ

Human beings are innately religious. No one worships nothing. Having perverted their natural virtue of piety away from its proper object, internet atheists worship their own intellects–which is categorically no different than pagans worshiping trees and rocks. The fedora tippers’ whole self-concept is tied up in them being the smartest guys in the room. Moreover, NuAtheist foundation myths dictate that theists not only be less intelligent than them, but absolute idiots.

The chart above puts paid to both comforting fairy tales. All Christian denominations listed are above average IQ. Not only are intellectual idolaters not the smartest religious group, they’re dumber than Jews and notably dumber than these guys:

Epi-Love Wins!

Admittedly, Episcopalians’ overperformance may be a fluke. Tucker Carlson is probably throwing the whole curve off.

To reiterate: Rapidly accelerating events present atheists on the Right with the following choices:

  • Join the Left.
  • Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
  • Pick a local church and LARP for an hour on Sundays.
  • Shut up.

The characters are fully realized with a coherent worldview that drives their agency and actions. 

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