Keyboard Warrior Tonkasaw

Keyboard Warrior

Another news item that broke over the weekend, but was overshadowed by more serious events, developed when Morning Kumite host Tonkasaw chickened out of his MMA fight with fellow YouTuber Andy Warski.

Mister Metokur does the postmortem [NSFW language]:

From the transcript:

This was a pay-per-view event that people within the fighting community pay attention to. Tonka has built his Morning Kumite show on respecting the fighting game, understanding the rules and respecting the history, and he just spit in the face of Tim Lloyd, Tara LaRosa, every person attending this and his opponent Andy Warski. He spent the last three months slandering Andy, calling him a pedophile, calling him a retard, saying that he was an idiot that his show was shit that his fame had passed; that he was never going to draw an audience or pull in another nickel, running his mouth constantly, only for the moment of truth to arrive, and he’s nowhere in sight. And that is the prime example of what an internet tough guy is.

In contrast, Andy Warski emerged as the true champion by flying in from another country to appear in the ring for his fans. Tonka apologists took to Twitter claiming that Andy didn’t win since there was no fight. People who say that don’t know their Sun Tzu. Winning without having to fight is the best kind of winning.

There’s another lesson here for anyone in the entertainment business: Always deliver on promises to your audience.

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