Brimstone, Millstones, and Stonings

Covington Catholic

Admittedly, I paid little attention to the Covington Catholic story that broke over the weekend, judging it yet another instance of #FakeNews directed against young, white, Christian men that would be swept under the rug with the next news cycle.

I was wrong. The story is becoming a watershed moment that’s waking normies up to the Left’s unholy zealotry, Conservative Inc.’s servile duplicity, and Catholic bureaucrats’ rank cowardice.

Quick recap: A group of students from Covington Catholic high school were pilloried by the media based on deceptively shot and edited footage of the boys apparently mocking a man identified as a Native American Vietnam vet.

Bloodthirsty BlueChecks tripped over themselves to spew their blood lust on Twitter. Meanwhile, the cream of Conservative intellectualism at National Review leapt into action to defend…the Leftist activist and lecture the Catholic school boys on Christian virtue. The administrators of Covington Catholic, and the diocese they belong to, hastened to jump on the narrative bandwagon by issuing this statement:


The kneejerk dogpiling on these kids proved to be a case study in rashness when new video and eyewitness evidence emerged exonerating the boys, who were accosted by a group of black Israelites–no, I’m not making that up–before Phillips approached them and started beating his drum in their faces. The bewildered kids began chanting along.

Robby Soave

Others have rightly called out the frothing Leftist nutjobs and their flaccid cuck accomplices. I’m here to shine a spotlight on the Covington school and diocese for lining up beside people who posted gleefully homicidal rhetoric like this:

Wood Chipper

The Catholic educators and leaders of Covington rushed to offer students in their care to the Leftist death cult. And they tried to cloak their cowardice in the effeminate bureaucratese that’s plagued the Church since Vatican II. They sacrificed their children–at the March for Life–to Gehenna. How do they hope to escape the same fate?

Such craven accommodation to the world is exactly what I expected from the US Church’s current educators and leaders. Being proven right makes it no less wearying. To them I give this warning: Wake up. Get your faces out of the government slop trough. Stop helping invaders steal your boys’ future. You are the Catholic Church in America. Return to serving the spiritual needs of American Catholics first and foremost.

To Boomer Catholics, understand that the Church is no longer the Democrat Party at Prayer. The Democrats have degenerated into a Christ-hating racialist death cult that wants to see you and your children dead. Get your heads out of the BoomerCon fog and read what your enemies have planned for you in their own words. They want to tear you apart with power tools. Dismiss any notion that they’re kidding.

To Christian parents: Home school your kids. Anything else is child abuse.

The future of the Church is not dialogue with Modernity. It is not capitulation to the prince of this world. The path to survival is paved with brimstone, millstones, and stonings.

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