Happy New Year 2019!

It’s that time again. Another rotation around the sun. Another year rolling into the next.  So as we look forward to the future, let us reflect on the past, shall we?

Well, I shall. You can do whatever you want, but I’ve made these little New Year’s posts a bit of a tradition, so here we go!

2018 was another year of transitions. And really, at this point I believe every year to come will have some kind of transition. Of course, the biggest event and change that happened this year was my wedding to my darling husband. It was a lovely day indeed. With friends and family all around, beautiful November weather, a wonderful wedding mass, and a bride and groom filled with love and joy for each other. My wedding dress was first worn in 1969 by my grandmother, in 1991 by my mother, and — with the help and tailoring skills of my maid of honor — now worn for the third generation in 2018. (I’m on the left, my mom is on the right) (And her mom is to her right – signed editor Mom.)

Married life has been wonderful. The– and now the silly sleepy man just came and laid his head in my lap, making it more difficult to write. But he is really cute…. so I can’t kick him off. Sometimes I wonder if he’s actually a cat. Sigh, he’s rather distracting.

Ahem, anyway. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new life, getting into a new writing schedule, cooking and cleaning, getting to daily mass more often, and watching vines and playing Key Forge with my husband in our down time. Housewife life is 10/10, would recommend.

This year, I wrote 6 of my planetary short stories — some taking longer than others. It’s been a really interesting project that I’ve learned a lot from. Learning how to plot and writing a story on command is a very useful skill, as well as trying out different styles and approaches to writing. So far MercuryVenus, Mars, and Earth are in print. There was some delay when our cover artist had some life emergencies to handle, but it’s back on track, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my stories with everyone.

Another notable writing related event of this year was  LibertyCon, and the birth of the dancing cow girl! Emphasis on the cow. This has led me to be tagged in a ridiculous amount of cow related things on my facebook (which I secretly love) and many videos of me dancing in a cow onesie pajamas. Hopefully 2019 will be an utterly bovine year with more COWgirl appearances I can milk for all their worth.

At the beginning of 2018, I made these resolutions. So lets see how I did!

1. Plan my wedding

I nailed that one! It was a beautiful and easy wedding if I do say so myself.

2. Write and submit all my planetary stories. (3 done, 8 to go, and the first one comes out next week!)

I only have 2 left to finish. So I think I did moderately well.

3. Work on my longer projects

Sadly… not yet.

4. Finish my mustang, Chica’s, training

I managed to go out and work with her every once in a while. But that just maintained her training.

5. Learn Spanish

Como se dese not any closer than last year                                                                       (Ahem…. it’s  ¿Cómo se dice…?  – Mom)

6. Work on managing time and schedules

I believe I’m getting the hang of it. Having my own house and space has helped and hindered in different ways.

Now for 2019, here are my goals!

1. Get back into ballet and dancing

2. Get good with firearms

3. ACTUALLY learn a language this year

4. Develop good writing discipline

5. Learn new skills

6. Write write write!

I hope everyone is enjoying to new year! Lets rule 2019!


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