Conflicting Perceptions

The internecine conflict that’s upturned the Republican party since 2015 can be described as a war of conflicting perceptions between Conservatives typified by Mitt Romney and populists represented by Trump.

David Reaboi explains.

Reaboi 1

For a full treatment of the Romney Republican vs. Trump Republican perspective conflict, see here as Tucker Carlson gives Mittens a thorough dressing down.

Reaboi 2

Reaboi is right. There’s no going back to the aughts, when country club Republicans could pursue an aggressive invade the world/invite the world foreign policy while in power and put up feckless token resistance to the Left’s treasons as the “loyal opposition”.

Even if the establishment GOP succeeds in helping the swamp take down Trump, the Republican party’s wholesale rejection by the coastal elite means they now represent flyover America. And that means they’ll have to adopt a nationalist, populist agenda or go the way of the Whigs.

Reaboi 3

Mass immigration is invasion. Supporting an attempt to abolish the national sovereignty of the United States is treason, and traitors are more dangerous than openly declared enemies.

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