End of Year Wrap-up

2018 has been wild.

It started out with a bang.

In January, February and March, I had short stories published in the first three Planetary Anthologies out from Superversive Press.

In January, I also got engaged.

Then at the beginning of June the fourth Planetary Anthology – Earth, for which I was the editor was published.

At the end of June I got married then immediately left for Liberty Con where I was a guest.

After that things went wonky. My cover design jobs picked up considerably and I spent the rest of the year juggling a day job, a husband, two dogs, writing, cover design, editing and learning to up my skills in both design and writing.

If that isn’t crazy enough, my day job is doing a short notice relocation. So I’ve been having to clean up files for shredding and packing up a business that’s collected 18+ years of stuff to move next week.

Assuming I survive the physical labor (oww) of moving loads of large storage boxes, I will be spending the remainder of the year unpacking and trying to locate all the stuff I expect will be lost.

My plan to have Courage of Martyrs out by the end of the year has since gone up in smoke. As has the editing I had already done on Chapter 1. Don’t ask. My computer hates me.

Here’s to a good year. Hoping for a great year in 2019.


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