Turning To God Is Hard

The lead singer of Korn talks about his transition from hedonistic rock star to being a Christian:

When Welch converted to Christianity, he was determined to always be by Jennea’s side — but his struggles were far from over. He was no longer packing arenas and his finances were rapidly dwindling. Bad business deals also taunted Welch. Still, his faith endured.

“I was forewarned, I should say,” said Welch. “You go through trials, sometimes heavy ones. Sometimes it looks like God’s abandoned you, but not for any reason. [It’s] to make your faith grow and to see that no matter what happens, you come out OK. … It’s all for your good. It’s all for love and it’s all for making you a strong person.

“So when I lost my house, when I lost financing, when I lost cars and people betrayed me, it was just like the spiritual working out. I kept working hard to try to get things back on track and to see that I’m not going to need the band. The money is not who takes care of me anymore. God provides for me. … I come from a background where if someone is rough and tough, you handle things physically. People betrayed me and you just want to choke them. But you choose forgiveness.”

Pastors in churches these days always play up the lovey-dovey feel good aspects of Christianity, but remember, all but one of the apostles were executed brutally. Most saints lived in poverty and died terrible deaths. Their reward was not in the physical or of this Earth, but in the eternal kingdom to come.

The truth is, if the Enemy sees you as effective in spreading the gospel, he’s going to come for you more often than not. Brace yourself, prepare, and be steadfast and you will come out the other side with God’s help in due time. Christ has promised this and unlike the Enemy, Christ always delivers on His promises.

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