S3E2 Pulled Pork and Homemade BBQ Sauce!!!

S3E2 Pulled Pork and Homemade BBQ Sauce!!!

Oi look! It’s a pulled-pork sandwich you can make at home! And a BBQ sauce recipe that will make you feel proud in your accomplishment of creating lasting deliciousness as opposed to “I spent $2 on some generic crap that’ll kill me quicker than this tumour I’ve got growing on my spine!”

So, in the spirit of no holiday whatsoever, Celt Can Cook releases a pulled pork recipe for the entire family. Enjoy!

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New Music, courtesy of YouTube’s expanded music library:

“Invitation to the Castle Ball” by Doug Maxwell, “Minyo San Kyoku” by Doug Maxwell & Zac Zinger, & “Requiem in Cello” by Hanu Dixit

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