Last Chance For Starquest

Have you been disappointed by the drab way space sagas franchises, and the beloved epics of childhood have been treated? John C Wright and his space allies seek to break the fetters that have bound our imagination for too long. Against the infinite backdrop of the stars, tales of bold heroism and black-hearted villainy wait to be told, STARQUEST is an homage and a return to those epic space yarns of yore–when men were men, and women were space princesses.


John C Wright is doing it again. Bringing us awesome fiction that astonishes and entertains! But he needed a bit help to get his latest project, Starquest, started. And boy did help come!

They needed $2,500 — to be  fully funded, and ready to start the first book:  Starquest, Episode One: The Phantom Privateer vs. the Space Pirates of Andromeda (working title only)

But, we fans couldn’t stop at that. Oh no, no! So the first stretch goal was reached at  $3,500 –– Nick Cole, one of the authors of the phonically popular Galaxy’s Edge, writing a foreword for the first book.

Then the second book was unlocked at $6,000 –  Starquest, Episode Two: Nightshadow vs. the Galactic Syndicate (working title only) And we even get a pre-publication review copy of the next space opera novel by fellow Make Space Opera Great Again author, Jon Del Arroz!

But is that enough? Should we have stopped there? Of course not! We had to get it up to $8,500 — Starquest, Episode Three: Captain Ansteel vs the Death Guard of the Empire! (working title only.) And your choice of a short story from John C Wright or L Jagi Lamplighter.

Now we have reached over $11,000 — Starquest, Episode Four: Star Maiden Lirazel vs the Dark Overlords(working title only.) We’ve done it! We’ve unlocked all four awesome book! That alone is incredible. It makes my heart so happy to see that so many people are going to enjoy what can only be another epic adventure told by the master, John C Wright.

There’s only 12 hours left, so if you want to get in the campaign and receive all the benefits that come with being a backer, now it the time! Find the kick-starter and all the information HERE.

Plus, there is one last stretch. When we reach $13,000 — We get a Starquest Card Tie-In Game!  Wouldn’t that be grand?

Go check it out! There’s no time to wait… fantastic fiction awaits!



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