Japanime Games Deserves Your Support

A message from the blog of author Rawle Nyanzi


NOTE: As of this posting, I am not affiliated with Japanime Games in any capacity.

One day while walking through the internet, I found out about a little company called Japanime Games. This company releases board and card games, and they have an upcoming title called Core Connection that looks really good. In it, you take the role of a mech pilot going toe-to-toe with the giants of Atlantis who seek to conquer the Earth. While I haven’t played it, its concept looks neat enough to give it a shot. You can download the manual on the game’s official page here.

But a mech game isn’t the only reason to support Japanime. There are far more substantial reasons to do so.

This past summer, Japanime held a Kickstarter to raise funds for the re-release of their old game Kanzume Goddess, which they have now titled Kamigami Battles. When they tweeted an announcement, however, they were pilloried by feminists for using a sexually enticing character on the tweet. Without raising any ideological banners, Japanime stood by its art and stood by its customers. In these days of ideologically motivated entertainment companies attacking those who pay their bills, this was a bold step on Japanime’s part, and one they should be applauded for.

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