Alt-Hero Q Crowdfund Campaign

With the bannings increasing, with the crazies really going all out to make sure we can’t be heard, it’s always best to start our own platforms where we can’t be tampered with, we can’t have the rug swept out from under us.

It’s been frightening watching IndieGoGo and the fallout from the atrocious move they pulled  with Alt-Hero Q. It makes me not want to support that platform or be a part of it. Vox Day has come through again as he has with so many other great things in the past (sci-fi publishing, infogalactic, comic publishing) and started his Alt-Hero Q campaign today. 

What’s great is it’s already funded and this is a way to bring new people in as a test. I’m watching this very closely as we might be moving one of our future comic projects to this platform to avoid any possible interruptions.


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